Bod 4 God

In BOD4GOD learn small simple changes that will lead to a new lifestyle—a path to a new life. These are not complicated or even profound changes but they will work for you as they have for thousands of others around the world.

Discover the four keys that will unlock the door to health and fitness:

Dedication:  Honoring God with Your Body
Inspiration: Motivating Yourself for Change
Eat and Exercise: Managing Your Habits
Team: Building Your Circle of Support

In Bod4God, author, Steve Reynolds – whom the media labeled “the Anti-Fat Pastor” after he lost more than 100 pounds – shares the simple lifestyle changes, both inside and out, that have led to his incredible weight loss. He shows how you can change your life forever by committing your body to God’s glory. One of the biggest reasons most people fail on traditional diet plans is that they are required to eat what the plan tells them to eat. This approach simply doesn’t work, because we don’t all have the same appetites, background or circumstances! Bod4God helps you craft your own personal plan that you will follow gladly for the rest of your life.


In addition, you’ll find out how your local church can impact the health of your entire community by hosting “Losing to Live” events, such as weight-loss competitions and team-driven fitness campaigns.


Be a loser … and gain a new lease on the life God made you to live!