Endorsements For Pastor Steve Reynolds

Bod4God has produced more sustainable weight loss for its participants than any other program that I have been involved with in my 20 years as a dietitian. The focus on God and on losing weight for the right reasons was genuinely inspiring. The bonding, trust and support of other participants helped keep the momentum going to achieve truly impressive results. Pastor Steve Reynolds is a great living example of God’s power to transform.


Vivian Hutson, MA, MHA, RD, LD, FACHE

Registered Dietician


Steve Reynolds has a great spirit of discipline and commitment to Jesus Christ, which is reflected in this book. For those who want to lose weight, you should read Bod4God to catch the spirit—just not the practical lessons, but the spiritual lessons as well. Steve has put the right priority in weight loss—a person’s relationship to God—and from that discipline concerning the “temple of the Holy Spirit” they can lose weight.


Elmer L. Towns

Cofounder, Liberty University
Author of the bestselling Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough

Steve Reynolds has a passion for men to lose weight, get fit and be all they can be. Women will flock to buy Get Off The Couch for the man they love, and men are going to appreciate
Steve’s no-nonsense approach to health and total wellness.


Carole Lewis

First Place 4 Health Director, Emeritus

Author, Give God A Year and Change Your Life Forever


Bod4God is a much-needed reminder that God created our bodies as tools for His work and, as such, His Word has plenty to say about how we treat them. I first met Steve when he joined my coaching network, and I have been impressed with his insights. We would all be wise to take his words to heart. After all, our bodies are the handiwork of God, meant to aid us in carrying His message to the world. Without health, none of us can be very effective. Kudos to Steve for bringing this issue out of the dark!


Nelson Searcy

Founding/Teaching Pastor, The Journey Church NYC and founder, ChurchLeaderInsights.com

Almighty God has given some men the gift to speak into the lives of other men. Steve Reynolds has that gift and his heart is to steward this gift and help build men that would advance the Kingdom of God. We love every opportunity Steve has to speak at an Iron Sharpens Iron Equipping Conference.


Brian Doyle

Founder and President Iron Sharpens Iron

In Bod4God, Steve Reynolds launches a full-scale frontal assault in the ongoing American war with obesity. His weapons—solid biblical teaching and modern fitness principles—serve more effectively than any smart bomb or stealth warplane in this battle. Reynolds’s easy-to-understand, motivating plan can help even the most sedentary couch potato and is especially effective because it uses eternal wisdom from God’s Word. Read Bod4God today and enlist in the healthy army of the fit and faithful!


Darren Baroni, MD

Member of American College of Gastroenterology
Attending Gastroenterologist

It’s been a blessing to partner with Pastor Reynolds and his congregation to provide Body & Soul as a key exercise strategy for the Bod4God program. In Bod4God there is a place for everyone to be successful. People of all ages and fitness levels have participated and seen improvements in cardiovascular fitness,
strength and flexibility. You will be encouraged and empowered by this book as you seek to improve your
health and live a life of energy and vitality to God’s glory.


Jeannie Blocher

Founder, Body & Soul Fitness Ministries
Certified Faculty, American Council on Exercise
Group Fitness Specialist, Ken Cooper’s Institute, Dallas, Texas

One area of teaching that seems to be neglected in the Church today is the area of our own health. The Bible tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, but do we really treat our bodies with that value in mind? That’s why I’m so excited about Bod4God. Steve brings biblical principles to bear to help everyone with weight loss, exercise and staying healthy. Every Christian should read this book—now!


Jonathan Falwell

Pastor, Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia

I believe you must be able to lead yourself before you can properly lead others. One area of importance is physical fitness. If you do not get adequate exercise, eat the right fuel, and get enough sleep, you limit your effectiveness. Get Off the Couch shows how to experience personal renewal and maximize your energy. Steve Reynolds lays out a clear plan for getting the most out of your body and making the greatest impact for God.


Steve Stroope

Lead Pastor, Lake Pointe Church

Author, Tribal Church

I’ve known Steve since the 1970s, when we were football teammates at Liberty University. As a running back, I depended on Steve to open big holes for me—and he was absolutely big enough to open gaping holes! Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of training more than 1,300 NFL players and some of the
greatest athletes in the NBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, PGA and in professional tennis, and I stress to my pros that total fitness means being physically, mentally and spiritually fit. No matter what your current level of fitness, Get Off the Couch will motivate you to get up and move! We all need to be the most fit
Kingdom players possible.


Chip Smith

Author, Football Training Like the Pros

I have seen patients turn life-threatening conditions into manageable ones or even experience full restoration through lifestyle change, including diet and exercise. Pastor Reynolds shows the transformation from an obese man to a man unburdened by weight and illness.


Ulrich Prinz, MD Board-certified Internist

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Pastor Reynolds is a modern day prophet who strikes at the heart of the unhealthy lifestyle of most Americans and many members of the Christian community. His biblically based Bod4God is a credible program that could spark a movement toward weight control and healthier living. I heartily endorse this well-written, exciting book.


James M. Stern, MD

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

Americans are in a fight for their health against a formidable “Goliath”: obesity. For years, the scientific community has told us what “stones” will weaken the giant: good nutrition and exercise. But translating bench-top research to everyday living is the challenge. In Bod4God, Pastor Reynolds teaches us to be the “David.” Armed with the slingshot of God’s Word, you will launch healthy, up-to-date, scientific principles of exercise and nutrition to fight head-on the epidemic of obesity and topple the giant!


Elizabeth P. Berbano, MD, MPH

Fellow of the American College of Physicians

Certified, American Board of Internal Medicine

If you struggle with your weight or have health-related issues, or know someone who does, this is the book for you! Pastor Steve has written a uniquely practical and scripturally sound tool to help you take care of the body God has given you. As a man who has walked the talk, Steve has packed this book with lots of encouragement and great manly advice to win the battle.


Dave Brown Chairman, Foundation for Manhood Director, Washington Area Coalition of Men’s Ministries

Being an NFL agent, most people think I spend a lot of time on the couch watching sports. It is true I love sports and closely follow it, but I still make time for regular exercise. Get Off the Couch is my kind of book, and I highly recommend it. It shows men how to spend time in their man cave watching some sports and still take care of their health. So, let’s get off the couch!


Robert B. Walker

President and CEO, Unlimited Success Sports Management, Inc.