Losing to Live Transformations

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Ana Sufitchi

Lost 80 Pounds
Spiritual Healing That Led to Physical Healing

After my salvation and after I offered myself completely to God, little by little my healing started, a process that amazed my doctors. I have been able to lose 80 pounds. I realized that if I didn’t change my lifestyle and model it after God’s Word, my life would be headed in a dangerous direction, negatively impacting all my loved ones. So what helped me lose weight? The answer is the Losing to Live Weight Loss Competition. I have read Bod4God: Twelve Weeks To Lasting Weight Loss with passion a few times. Here I learned to take small steps to life.

Arlene Spann

Lost 50 Pounds
Bad News Turned Around

God began to renew my thinking because of the Bible-centered keys to weight loss: dedication, inspiration, eat, exercise, and team in Bod4God. I have been able to shed nearly 50 pounds by being a part of the Losing To Live Weight-Loss Program. I love to show people a pair of my favorite pants from before I lost all of my weight. They are a size 16, and I remember how I thought I looked fit and good in them. I am now a 6, 10 sizes smaller! I attribute this transformation to the Losing To Live program and the principles I learned in it.

Brian Sumner Before copy
Brian Sumner After Picture

Brian Sumner

Lost 115 Pounds
The “Big Guy” No More

For most of my life, I was labeled the “big guy.” At 355 pounds, my weight was becoming something I could no longer ignore. Through a lot of hard work, I have been able to lose 115 pounds. Pastor Steve’s book Bod4God is a must-have for me. I have marked it from cover to cover and refer to it often. I also mentor others on their health journey and recommend the book and pull advice from it all the time. I am so thankful for Pastor Steve’s wisdom and that he shared his story with me and the world.

Gail Mates

Lost 70 Pounds
Living a Happy, Heart-Healthy Life

My physical health was so bad that my daughter would come into my room in the middle of the night to see if I was still breathing. I knew I needed to make a change. I have lost over 70 pounds, and all my health problems and risk factors are gone. I have been given a new lease on life, and I am blessed and thankful for the Bod4God book. If it weren’t for this program, I would not be living a happy, heart-healthy life. This program saved my life and also made my faith in God stronger. Prayer works, and have a Bod4God lifestyle will give you the dedication, inspiration and motivation you need to lose the weight and keep it off.

Kimberly Wilburn-Dando Before
Kimberly Wilburn-Dando After

Kimberly Wilburn-Dando

Lost 113 Pounds

No Longer a Temple Trasher

At one point, my cardiologist told me to quit investing in my 401(k), as I would not live long enough to enjoy it If I continued down the path I was on. God gave us marvelous bodies, and we have a duty to care for them. You would not throw garbage around your church, and you should not do it to God’s temple, your body. I was trashing the temple of God! I started honoring God with my body by simply adding the small steps Pastor Steve talks about. I lost 113 pounds, and my health radically improved-no more high blood pressure or sleep apnea! Bod4God: Twelve Weeks to Lasting Weight Loss and Losing to Live Weight Loss Competition may have literally saved and probably extended my life.

Lisa Nowalski

Lost 145 Pounds
Fifty, Fit and Fabulous

For a woman, starting to lose weight at the age of forty-seven can be an intimidating process. I weighed around 285 pounds, and my health was out of control. Now I weigh 140 pounds, have actual muscle mass, and am in the best shape of my life. Through the principles that I learned from Bod4God, I have been able to lose and maintain this weight loss. I have developed a love for physical fitness and now enjoy exercising and lifting weights.

Lisa Nowalski Before
Robert Clyde Lockley Before
Robert Clyde Lockley After

Robert Clyde Lockley

Lost 85 Pounds

Jesus, My Drill Sergeant

After graduating from high school, I joined the army and loved everything about the military. When I became a drill sergeant, I knew I had hit pay dirt, and I loved keeping my soldiers fit by training with them. Upon completion of my military service, I kept the same eating habits, did little to no exercise, and didn’t have any soldiers to train with. As you can imagine, I started to gain weight, and I got larger and larger. My doctor put me on three blood pressure medications, I had borderline high cholesterol, and my blood sugar levels were elevated. At 300 pounds, I was sick and could do very little about it. Once I was introduced to Bod4God and the Losing to Live Weight Loss Program, I learned to focus on the fact that I am a keeper of the temple that God has loaned to me and taking care of my body is a spiritual act of worship to God! Thank God I have been able to lose 85 pounds, and I now weigh around 220 pounds, which is within 10 pounds of what I weighed at my high school graduation.